Mindfreak's Branding

As much as Mindfreak’s Branding in its current iteration is all about finding unique ways to represent ourselves, we are keen on keeping quality in check. If you’re going to use our logo please respect the rules and requirements:

If you would like to do something creative with our branding, please get in contact with us first for approval.

(Downloads are below requirements)

The Logo

Do not distort, change, edit, recolour, reconfigure or change the logo in any way.

The logo itself comes in three different colours:

Space Considerations

Allow for at least 20% of the logo in clear space. This ensures legibility.


MF Blue


CYMK: C78, M52, Y0, K0



CYMK: C71, M65, Y67, K77



CYMK: C0, M0, Y0, K0


If you're sure you have read all the information above, please download the logo files here: